Building Permits

There are 13 fire districts within Monterey County. The applicable Fire Districts reviews
discretionary and ministerial land use applications for compliance with the fire code and
local ordinances. Areas of review include setbacks of structure, exiting requirements,
fire suppression and vehicle accessibility (slope of road/driveway and turn radius). If the
project requires the installation of fire sprinkler systems, a separate sprinkler plan and
review will be required.

All permit requests are submitted to Monterey County Building and Planning

1441 Schilling Place
Salinas, CA 93901

(831) 755-5027
Fax  (831) 757-9516

Once the plan set is reviewed/ approved by Monterey County Planning and Building. The approved set will be forwarded to Cypress/Highlands/Pebble Beach Fire Districts. All plans are completed in the order they are received.

Cypress, Carmel Highlands and Pebble Beach Fire Department Requirements

Link to Fire Conditions

Click on the link below for requirements depending on the type of project

Deferred submittals (Sprinkler plans, Alarm Plans, etc.) can be delivered/picked up at:
Pebble Beach Fire Station
Attn: Fire Planning Department
3301 Forest Lake Road
Pebble Beach CA 93953

Fire Department Planning contact information:
Pebble Beach: Fire Captain Garrett Veyna
Cypress and Carmel Highlands: Fire Captain Garrett Veyna
(831) 594-1427

Common Questions?
What district is my project in?
I need an inspection who do I contact?
Where do I get a Knox box from?
Are there any fees associated with my project?

Cypress Fire Protection District